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Jan 13

Mar 13

karma chameleon or the perils of hypocrisy

I am always perplexed by folks who use objectifying or derogatory language or have a penchant for gossiping and then get sooooo hurt when they find out that someone maybe possibly sorta kinda said something similarish about them or someone they love. Duh? I’m sorry but your well meaning joke wasn’t that well meaning to that boomerang known as karma.

My personal favorite is the bro who makes an objectifying comment to a strange woman and then wants to tear apart the dude who said it to his sister. I mean, you can’t CHOOSE which women you’re going to respect buddy.

The person who can take what they serve is much more amusing company, at least these lovable rogues know how they come across.

Oct 9
“Feed the hungry.
Give drink to the thirsty.
Shelter the homeless.
Clothe the naked.
Visit prisoners.
Care for the sick.”

Sep 25

We need to re-map our exploitation footprint

How much of what we do uses blood money?

What small “innocuous” habits have we formed that make it okay to use each other, to dehumanize the butt of our harmless jokes, to turn a blind eye, to not look at looming large scale ramifications?

Sep 24

Aug 3
“Sexism in 2011 is a different, more subtle beast, which shows itself in insidious ways: it is there when a man shouts out a sexualised comment as you pass in the street; it is there when your male colleague makes a joke about it being your time of the month; and it is there when you are called a slag, a bitch, a whore or told you are not as good at map-reading or driving or any of those other quintessentially “male” skills you are deemed too dim to master.
And, as Boycott points out, if a woman objects to any of this – even if it makes her feel uncomfortable – she is somehow seen as poo-faced or not a good sport.”

Guardian UK Article “Why Sexism is no Laughing Matter”

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