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in Nashville by way of Brooklyn and Massachusetts and California and Arkansas.

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Apr 10

"All Good Cowboys"//"With Arms Outstretched (Rilo Kiley Cover)" The Bedroom Sessions — Mercy Bell, Maryanna Sokol, Julie Peel, and Jax de Leon

Yup, vote for me to go to Bonnaroo.

You can all vote EVERY DAY until 4/16.

One more time, vote me into Bonnaroo!!!

(You can also download my album for free here at

Feb 21

"A Better Son-Daughter" — Rilo Kiley

Back atcha Moore.

Dec 22

The Bedroom Sessions - Episode 1 - Mercy Bell from Julie Peel on Vimeo.

Folks I’m $500 away from my Kickstarter goal to make an EP. Help me out, I’m so tired of seeing my own face on everything!
Check out the Bedroom Sessions video Julie Peel made featuring me, Julie, Maryanna Sokol, and Jax de Leon singing my song “All Good Cowboys” and Rilo Kiley’s “With Arms Outstretched” (above).

And here check out the video Audrey Culver made for Kickstarter

Dec 13

The Bedroom Sessions - Episode 1 - Mercy Bell from Julie Peel on Vimeo.



With Mercy Bell, performing her song “All Good Cowboys”, with Maryanna Sokol. And a Rilo Kiley cover, “With Arms Outstretched”, with Maryanna Sokol, Jax DeLeon, and Julie Peel. Filmed in Brooklyn, NY, USA. December 2010.

Mercy Bell is a folk singer in Brooklyn, New York. She hails from California and New England, studied history in college. She moved to New York hardly knowing anyone, a duffle bag, an air mattress, and a guitar. She has a considerable amount more than that now, but likes the reminder that even with holes in your shoes and no friends, you can always make music.

You can listen to Mercy’s music on Myspace, and help her make a record by donating money in exchange of rewards (so basically, that’s just pre ordering! do it!) on Kickstarter.

Finally! The brand new Bedroom Sessions are here! I’m so happy, Mercy Bell gets to be in episode #1! check it and reblog!

Julie is one of the best people I’ve met in New York. Thank you so much for believing in me!

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Sep 15

"With Arms Outstretched" Rilo Kiley

This song.

My friend gave me a fixer upper electric guitar a stalkery fan gave to her so I’m learning all these Rilo Kiley and Strokes parts on it. YAY!