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Jan 4
Arkansas, December 2013.

I took this last week.

Arkansas, December 2013.

I took this last week.

Mar 1


Vote for MERCY BELL at Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem Contest!

Lightning 100, Nashville’s independent radio station, has selected me as one of 32 musical acts of over 300 submissions to receive heavy rotation on-air and a spot at an amazing outdoor concert series in Nashville. Past artists include Alabama Shakes, Trampled By Turtles, The Wallflowers, Band of Horses, Edwin McCain, Moon Taxi, The Wailers and way too many great artists to name here.

TODAY FRIDAY MARCH 1st, head over to and click “VOTE” next to my photo and name. They will ask for your name, email, and zip code. YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL.

The great guys at Lightning 100 will be playing my track “Icarus” at 12pm central and 6pm Central time TODAY, FRIDAY March 1st. If you feel like it, you can listen live at by clicking the ‘listen live’ option. You will be sent a confirmation email in about 30 minutes.

Feb 2

"Dancing on my Own"
Robyn cover
(for Eric Motta & Ryan Michney)

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Jul 5

A song dedicated to everyone I loathe but society says I have to hang out with.

"Who Said We Were Friends? (DEMO!)" lyrics & music by Mercy Bell
Demo video directed by Sara Olivia Moore

Got your invitation she’s bringing me along
Yeah it’s been a while since y’all were all involved
I should just be friends with you
Jesus Loves us both the same
Mea culpa is a latin phrase and it means I’ll take the blame

Folks say you’re in love with her
She’s the one that got away
When she kissed me at the last party
Your face turned deathly gray

You give me booze from your private stash
And invite me to watch the game
But getting closer to me won’t
Get you closer to my babe

Who said we were friends?
Brothers, buddies, guys?
I’ve been watching you undress
My baby with your eyes
I might be a nice fella
I’d buy a beer for this whole place
Mea Culpa, here’s a gulpa, my drink in your face.

Guess I’m kinda backwards
I bet that in LA
People’s exes go get drinks
Giggle, laugh, and play
My mom, my shrink, my preacher
Say let go of yesterday
But when pigs can fly, and I catch mama high,
Is the day that we can hang


All those hugs you give her
they last a little too long
but all those tales she tells about you
I might just tell your mom


Jun 20

May 26

Leaves Always Turn Green (new demo!) - Mercy Bell

This song I wrote inspired by my friends Mike & Tiffany Sanders who requested a song about “hope”. :)


Sittin in an airport bar I’m
drinking the thousand miles between us
ain’t nothin’ a beer
can’t solve.

A one way ticket
to some money I know I need it
but it’s a life that ain’t worth living
it ain’t nothin to sing about.

The man beside me
sees me sad
asks if I need a friend.
He pulls up a chair
and buys him drink
says “I got an ear to bend.”

“Don’t you worry
Ain’t nothin’s worth your worry
the sparrows keep returnin’
from Mexico each year.

Keep on keepin’
your eyes on that horizon,
in my 60 years of livin’
the leaves always turn green.”

Says “I’ve fought my
share of battles
cancer, drugs, and cheaters
they’re devils in disguise.

But the sun comes up, and the sky is blue
Beatles songs sound just as new
if you can only manage to keep alive.

And I know it seems
like there ain’t no tomorrow
and hope is in a drought.
but you’ll be surprised
if you open your eyes
things to sing about.”


Apr 12

Apr 10

"All Good Cowboys"//"With Arms Outstretched (Rilo Kiley Cover)" The Bedroom Sessions — Mercy Bell, Maryanna Sokol, Julie Peel, and Jax de Leon

Yup, vote for me to go to Bonnaroo.

You can all vote EVERY DAY until 4/16.

One more time, vote me into Bonnaroo!!!

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Apr 9

Icarus — Mercy Bell (2010)



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I bet I’m bugging a lot of you right now. Thanks for putting up with me!

Apr 2
Vote for me to play Bonnaroo!

Only YOU can get me there. 


You can vote ONCE PER DAY. Please do! 

(you can also download my album  “All Good Cowboys” for free here)

Vote for me to play Bonnaroo!

Only YOU can get me there.


You can vote ONCE PER DAY. Please do!

(you can also download my album “All Good Cowboys” for free here)

Oct 5


“dirty keds” - mercy bell

he says,
“easy, baby, you’re just crazy
just a little hazy
on all the details of last night.
easy, baby, you’re just crazy
just a little hazy
just a little altered and confused.”

Thanks reopened! :)

Aug 30

Aug 24