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Jan 28

On the Grammys…

I can’t help but remember what it was like to be so confused and scared that I was GAY and then seeing a really dumb TV show (The O.C.) with the most stereotypical bisexual storyline…and you know? It really helped me. AND I lived 27 years of my life between California, Massachusetts, and New York City. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be some scared religious kid with a parent railing against “homosexuals!” and having never met anyone who is LGBTQI and OUT.

I know it feels right to bash pop culture for its 99.9% idiocy rate (but not Katy Perry), but sometimes it’s the only lifeline to the far reaches of our society that those of us who got out can sometimes forget still exists.

Jan 15

from "How Many American Men Are Gay?" by SETH STEPHENS-DAVIDOWITZ

Jan 14

Jan 13

Jan 10
From Refinery, Orange is the New Black Elle Magazine.

My little gay heart can’t take it.

From Refinery, Orange is the New Black Elle Magazine.

My little gay heart can’t take it.

Jan 6

Jan 4

"I grew up in Tennessee, and if you didn’t play football, you were a sissy. I got slurs all the time because I was in music and art. But everything that you get picked on for is essentially what’s going to make you sexy as an adult." - Justin Timberlake

Apr 9


This It Gets Better video from students at BYU is such a powerful reminder of the importance of learning to love and accept ourselves

Gay Mormon students speak out. This is beautiful. Made me cry.

Mar 7

The Bechdel Test, a simple set of three guidelines by which to gauge female representation in a film: 1. Are there two or more named female characters? 2. Do they talk to each other? 3. If so, do they talk about something other than a man?”

from Bust Magazine: “New Projects Seeks to Support Female Friendly Movies and We’re on Board

My sister originally told me about this. It’s pretty hard to find films that pass (unless they’re lesbian movies ;)).

Nov 25

This is so beautiful.

Your views on gay marriage aside, this captures LOVE.


Nov 4

Nov 2

I’ll stop being a feminist when

The guy who told me “Nice rack” outside of Bar Reis apologizes for what he said without me having to snap back at him or tell him he’s out of line.

My 6th grade classmate can go back to her childhood and feel like she doesn’t have to flash her boobs to her crush in the school cafeteria, because he asked nicely, even though she didn’t want to.

The man who told my friend “Nice to see a woman thinking, that doesn’t happen much” quivers in fear at the force of her wisdom and intelligence and doesn’t dare open his mouth with anything other than “what a brilliant idea…”.

Oct 11

It Gets Better - Rich in Dighton

Happy coming out day! My friend Rich’s It Gets Better video. One of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard.


Barack Obama signs the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law

Tomorrow: 1st Lt. Josh Seefried and 1st Lt. Karl Johnson on the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Seefried blogged under the pseudonym JD Smith (for The Daily Beast) and Johnson wrote under the pseudonym Officer X (for Time) before DADT was repealed. Seefried is one of the co creators of OutServe

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