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Ted: On Being Wrong (via Jess Hodge)

Beautiful. How being wrong is incredible if you “rediscover wonder” and the beauty of the moment when you think (she quotes Ira Glass) “I thought this one thing was gonna happen, but this other thing happened instead.”

( I also like how she sums up our views of people who don’t agree with us, we assume they’re 1. Ignorant. 2. Idiots 3. Evil.)

Mar 31

cubicle amusement

i have a desk job. used to be a history major. i read a lot of articles.

Mystery vs. Evidence (The New York Times) An atheist ponders on religious folk.

Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows (The New York Times)

Mississippi Leads Country in Mixed Marriages (The New York Times) This is a video, and it made me cry.

Why a breakup feels like a punch in the stomach(MSNBC) Research is showing that the same part of the brain that handles romantic and social pain is closely related to the same part that handles physical pain.

Heartbreak hurts people physically too (USAToday)

Acetaminophen For Mental Health Relief (Psych Central)

Can animals be gay? (The New York Times) A surprising study on animals with homosexual tendencies…

Gay or Straight Animals? (Psychology Today) … a look at the Times article and what this means for the choose-to-be-gay debate.

Let the Kids Rule the School
(The New York Times) What happens when a school lets a bunch of teenagers create their own curriculum, and strangely succeed.

Ira Glass & Company on Long Form Storytelling (New School/ProPublica) It’s Ira, and he interrupts the interviewer to do his own interviewing, so I mean.

Glenn Beck vs Christ the Liberator (Huffington Post) Catholic socialism vs. the far Right.

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“So then what you have to just tell people to just tell you stories. If you listen to our show carefully, you’ll hear me constantly coaching people: “And then what happened? And then what did he say? And what did you say? And what did she say?… It’s like what happens in therapy. And that’s what you’re going for, because at the heart of every story is some unresolved something expressed in scenes and images and characters. And then I’d cut away all the other stuff and then you’d have this perfect little gem, perfect little object.” Ira Glass (On making radio) Somehow This American Life manages to make everyone, from minutemen in the desert to anal academics seem like drinking buddy fodder.

Jan 31

Nov 21
My obsession with this show could probably spawn a TLC special. Thao wrote the funniest Christmas song to include a lyric about Type 2 diabetes.

My obsession with this show could probably spawn a TLC special. Thao wrote the funniest Christmas song to include a lyric about Type 2 diabetes.

Oct 8
“Most people aren’t great storytellers in general, but if you stumble on the thing that really means something to them, you’ll get a great story out of them. This is one of the insights of therapy, actually.” Ira Glass, On Air and On Error: This American Life’s Ira Glass on Being Wrong.

Aug 26
“I try to make things fascinatinger.” Ira Glass, in this interview. (via jmmbb)

Aug 13

Jan 2

My proudest moment of 2009.


Walking past Ira Glass by accident on the street, scrounging a lucid thing to say with only 2 seconds to prepare (“good work Mr. Glass”), his reply (“oh! thank you!”), and successfully not collapsing until after he walked away.

So proud of myself! Yesss! That totally beats the jobs I got and the Ebola outbreak I squashed and that drowning puppy I saved.

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