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Jan 28

On the Grammys…

I can’t help but remember what it was like to be so confused and scared that I was GAY and then seeing a really dumb TV show (The O.C.) with the most stereotypical bisexual storyline…and you know? It really helped me. AND I lived 27 years of my life between California, Massachusetts, and New York City. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be some scared religious kid with a parent railing against “homosexuals!” and having never met anyone who is LGBTQI and OUT.

I know it feels right to bash pop culture for its 99.9% idiocy rate (but not Katy Perry), but sometimes it’s the only lifeline to the far reaches of our society that those of us who got out can sometimes forget still exists.

Jan 15

from "How Many American Men Are Gay?" by SETH STEPHENS-DAVIDOWITZ

Jan 10
From Refinery, Orange is the New Black Elle Magazine.

My little gay heart can’t take it.

From Refinery, Orange is the New Black Elle Magazine.

My little gay heart can’t take it.

Jan 6

Apr 9


This It Gets Better video from students at BYU is such a powerful reminder of the importance of learning to love and accept ourselves

Gay Mormon students speak out. This is beautiful. Made me cry.

Nov 4

Sep 28

Sep 26

It Gets Better — Fr. James Martin, Catholic Priest.

This is beautiful.

Sep 22

Sep 20

Sep 14

Jun 27

Video: Gays Welcome at his Church, says Boston Catholic Priest in a Sermon (Boston Globe) (read article here) (via Fr. James Martin, SJ)

What’s the opposite of fire and brimstone?

Mar 31

cubicle amusement

i have a desk job. used to be a history major. i read a lot of articles.

Mystery vs. Evidence (The New York Times) An atheist ponders on religious folk.

Parenting by Gays More Common in the South, Census Shows (The New York Times)

Mississippi Leads Country in Mixed Marriages (The New York Times) This is a video, and it made me cry.

Why a breakup feels like a punch in the stomach(MSNBC) Research is showing that the same part of the brain that handles romantic and social pain is closely related to the same part that handles physical pain.

Heartbreak hurts people physically too (USAToday)

Acetaminophen For Mental Health Relief (Psych Central)

Can animals be gay? (The New York Times) A surprising study on animals with homosexual tendencies…

Gay or Straight Animals? (Psychology Today) … a look at the Times article and what this means for the choose-to-be-gay debate.

Let the Kids Rule the School
(The New York Times) What happens when a school lets a bunch of teenagers create their own curriculum, and strangely succeed.

Ira Glass & Company on Long Form Storytelling (New School/ProPublica) It’s Ira, and he interrupts the interviewer to do his own interviewing, so I mean.

Glenn Beck vs Christ the Liberator (Huffington Post) Catholic socialism vs. the far Right.

Mar 3

Mar 2

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